Bratty Cheerleaders Turn Coach Into Foot Slave

Released at: July 17, 2021 by Conor Coxxx Clips
Jasmine Angel and Kandy Kayn are bratty cheerleaders who get whatever they want. They talk about punishing their Coach Conor Coxxx for making them practice late. Jasmine and Kandy walk to Coach's house, giggling and joking around about pranking him. Innocent talk suddenly turns perverted as one girl suggests they should make him strip naked! The other girl giggles and suggests it would be fucking hot to to tie him up and have their way with him. They talk like typical young Valley girls. Jasmine and Kandy have never dominated a guy before, but they soon become obsessed with having a helpless naked slave to control.. Coach opens the door, surprised to see the two girls. They complain about the practice, and threaten to get him fired unless he does whatever they want from now on. They command him to get down and worship their feet. Their other foot presses his dick in his pants, and notice him getting so hard, and humiliate him for being a dirty pervert. Jasmine and Kandy then order him to get fucking naked! Coach begs them not to do this. The girls stand up and convince him it'll be fun. One girl starts seductively unbuttoning his shirt from the front, while the other girl slowly pulls down his pants from behind, until they strip him completely! Jasmine and Kandy run their hands sensually all over his body, making sexy comments, as he is sandwiched nude between two sexily clothed cheerleaders, taking turns playing with both his nipples at the same time. The girls are now in total control! Once girls get Coach naked, they start to get extremely bossy and dominant in their talk, as they discover their power over Coach. After Coach is handcuffed, the girls make out in front of him while they tickle his dick with their nails and tease his nipples in between. They are playful and sensual, yet also very cruel. Both girls face him, and start playing with his dick as he is helpless under their power. They then start to take him over to the couch. Once at the couch, they giggle together and humiliate Coach for being a slave to young girls, as he kneels at their feet naked, worshiping their feet, while they tease his dick with one foot, occasionally pressing one foot on his dick against his stomach to prove their authority over him. The girls sensually tease/pinch his nipples, and tell him from now on, he has to strip naked every time they come over after school, and let them do whatever they want. They remind him he's never allowed to wear any clothes around them, so they can see how hard he gets seeing them in short shorts and tank tops. After teasing him some by the couch, the girls grab Coach by his hard dick, and lead him to the bedroom to have more fun. One girl pushes Coach onto the bed and jumps onto him, straddling him on the bed, asking him if he likes being their naked slave, while the other girl pinches his nipples. They tie his arms and legs to the bed spread-eagle! The bratty girls make him worship their feet while they give him a handjob together, sensually running their nails all over his body. The girls can't believe they have Coach naked and under their mercy! The girls also take turns crawling on top of him, leaning in to almost kiss him, but they deny him. Jasmine and Kandy are extremely cruel with their teasing! Coach begs to cum, and the girls finally give him permission. Both girls furiously stroke him while teasing/touching each other and playfully pinching his nipples. The girls yell in excitement as he makes a huge mess. They keep going and jerking with post cum torment to see if they can get anymore cum out. The girls will be back to torment his naked ass some more, and leave him tied up.

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