Bound By Family

Released at: May 22, 2022 by Desperate Pleasures
Mae Olsen Over the years I had been strangely attracted to my Uncle Lou. A few weeks after I moved into my Uncle's house, my Aunt went to town for a few days and the maid came by I peeped in on her when she was in IN Uncle's room and this hot 20 year old was seducing him. I watched in awe as she sucked and fucked my Uncle's cock until she came several times He led her past my hiding spot to the garage where I was forbidden to go. He tied her up and started teasing her. The scene was so intense I couldn't help but play with my breasts and pussy while I watched. My Uncle stripped her naked and led her to a bench where he began to fuck her. That was soo hot I fingered myself to rest thinking about it later that night. The next day while Uncle Lou was walking the property I had to get a better look at the garage. I walked out there and discovered an electric vibrator. I decided to try it on myself and I care really hard. I was so into my orgasms I didn't hear Uncle Lou until he was snatching me out of the chair and pinning me to the wall. The started to spank me for breaking the rules but instead of being a punishment, it was turning me on. This really upset my uncle because he stripped off my tie, slapped me, and tied up my hands with my own tie. Then things really got wild!

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