Bound Barefoot MIB's

Released at: November 2, 2006 by Men In Bondage
Bound, Barefoot MIBs celebrates the helpless barefoot guy at the mercy of a gorgeous woman. The first story begins with Luke bound to a post, his bare soles straight up in the air. Ruthless Hannah Thurman, places ice cubes on his vulnerable soles. He'd cry out for help, but Hannah has him securely gagged!Over on the other extreme, Tiffany Thomas has Gavin trussed up and gagged, but that's the least of his problems. No, his difficulty lies in the fact that Tiffany has stuck matches between his toes and is evil enough to actually light them! In a dramatic scenario, MacKenzie Montgomery plays a blind girl who is left in her house with a maniac. Kyle Stone would love to help her out, but the maniac has taken care of him good. The poor guy is bound and tape gagged in the garage and of no use. How will MacKenzie escape this awful danger without her strong lover's help? In four other scenarios, Summer Long has had it with Brett's messiness so she hog-ties the bodybuilder and leaves him to struggle to free himself. Ted is an arrogant surfer who gets what he deserves when Jasmine hog-ties and cleave gags him for her pleasure. Matt is truly humiliated as he is bound and cleave gagged to a post while Fantasia hoses him down. Finally, Jay can't do a damn thing. Shay has him trussed up on the floor and is having a wonderful time jamming her bare feet in his face.

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