Booty Talk 95

Released at: March 9, 2012 by West Coast Productions
Tila's sexy eyes will intrigue you. Her juicy ass will mesmerize you and have you begging for more. Monique's first ever scene is a hot one. This girl truly loves to suck and fuck dick and we are more than willing to provide them for her. Serena's giant natural tits are amazing! Her wet snatch is even better. This pretty face has the complete package. Laylani is fresh to the game and eager to prove she belongs. Just ask Mr. Marcus about her D.S.S.'s... ("dick sucking skills") Kim's model-like body is perfect for pole riding. Flash is happy to provide the tool to assist Ms. Karter.

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Scene1: 00:00:02 - 00:37:58 (37:56)


Tila Flame

Scene2: 00:38:01 - 01:14:59 (36:58)


Kim Karter

Scene3: 01:15:02 - 01:45:02 (30:00)

Scene4: 01:45:05 - 02:17:45 (32:40)

Scene5: 02:17:48 - 02:36:05 (18:17)