Boob Cruise Babes

Released at: August 5, 2004 by Score
This was filmed on location during SCORE Magazine's famous Boob Cruise, as seen on HBO's "Shock Video" and the E! Entertainment Channel. Miami Magazine calls it "Spring Break for adults". The stars include a ship full of huge breasted sex bombs who sail the Caribbean and visit lush tropical islands. See them get naked, horny, wet and hot! During each cruise our videographers shoot hours and hours of footage of the beautiful big bust models who accompany us on our cruise. Unfortunately, 99% of this great footage is not used in the final edited video. What Score has done is gathered all this great footage and created four videos in the new series, "Boob Cruise Babes." Each video features, 2 very special cruise mates, with 30 minutes of exclusive footage on each model. We do have to tell you that for each model, approximately 3-4 minutes have been seen in the video Cruise '98 and our "After Hours" video...but the rest has not been on any other tape. These videos will be considered collectors items, and should be in every big bust fans collection.

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