Bob's Line #196

Released at: December 27, 2005 by Bob's Videos
Sultry Monica Sweetheart stars in this film that is filled with visual treats. Monica enters from sunning herself, clad in a leather bikini, and proceeds to revitalize her warm skin with a soothing lotion rub. Later we rejoin her as she returns home from a busy day, dressed to the nines and looking very much a goddess. She relaxes and lounges about, eventually exciting herself and needing the 'companionship' only her favorite toy can provide. You'll catch one more sexy peek at Monica in the bonus scene, enjoying her afterglow smoke. Ava Ramon loves to tease. The raven haired beauty playfully poses on the circular stairs and gets down to some serious business with her probing fingers and energizing touches. This is Ava's first appearance with Bob, and it's a warm up and teaser for more sexy footage to come. And completing this trio of treats is fresh faced Meghan, dressed in her party dress and willing to show you some of her secret places. She will entice and lure you into following closely a detailed search of some very responsive areas... quite a treat indeed!

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