Boat Captain Caning & A Feel For the Cane

Released at: April 28, 2018 by California Star Productions
In "Boat Captain Caning," Katie is a fully trained yacht attendant used to working on high profile luxury yachts in the Mediterranean. In the off-season she hires on to help out on a riverboat. To her dismay however, it is neither seaworthy not inhabitable. The cheeky captain is very disappointed and annoyed by her barrage of criticisms. Finding no other alternative he must place her across his knee for a hand spanking. Katie, however, quite enjoys this, so the Captain whisks her away to the Commodore's office for a hard caning. In "A Fee For The Cane", Jadie is desperate and anxious to go out with her friend's boss when she learns that he enjoys spanking his dates. Kadie asks Ruby to give her a practical demonstration of what may be expected. To Jadie's horror however a cane is brought out and she is given twenty stokes across her bottom. This leaves her with more than a few doubts about the proposed date!

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