Blowing In Style

Released at: May 10, 2011 by Buttman
In "Blowing In Style," Brandy Alexandre portrays sexually inhibited Lori, who undergoes an oral awakening. While her slutty sister Tess (played by a young Tianna) and friends Molly (Sharon Kane) and Courtney (Fallon) are all experienced, enthusiastic cocksuckers, Lori considers giving head gross. Everyone else in town, including hairdresser Bionca, seems to be getting it on when no one else is looking. But it only takes one taste of hard dick to change our heroine's thinking. Soon Lori's cheerfully sucking every cock she can get her lips around, even her long-suffering husbands! "Blowing In Style" is a lighthearted, straightforward drama that holds together on the strength of sizzling sexual performances by some of the most comely ladies of the 1980's porn scene.

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