Blake's Malt Balls

Released at: July 4, 2022 by SwallowBay
Let's get a round of loud applause for Blake Blossom in this virtual reality porn movie! No one? No problem then, she'll do it herself, and she's got a set of clappers on her chest to do it with, all she needs is a thick cock between them. Don't worry, she won't go dry on it, this girl is obsessed with taking good care of good tools, so she'll wet it with her cherry-red lips. It's proven that the red color is making people's heart rate jump up, which is why she's wearing all-red lingerie and kinky straps that leave hardly anything to the imagination. You'll need all that blood rushing to your fuck-stick because this sexy kitten is determined to suck it like a vacuum cleaner until there's nothing left to juice out. In this VR porn video, you will see her in the best sloppy blowjob edition. Her saliva will stretch from those lips all the way to your cock even when she's taking a breather from deep sucking. A porn star like her is hardly satisfied with half-baked BJ's, she's going all the way, with everything she's got, in hopes of being awarded a big load, so try to keep up with that fierce tempo she's dictating.

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