Blackdoor Friends are Best

Released at: January 4, 2017 by City Girlz
We haven't been together in ages (Rita and I) at least without our husbands tagging along, so this night is very special . Two HOT BITCHES in HEAT, Rita always has a trick up her sleeve and this nights no different, unknown to me , she had her car repaired and invited a couple of BLACK STUDS over to fuck us ,(and oh YES they do) we're both a couple of whores and tonight we want some Hot (BIG) Chocolate sticks up our asses ,nothing beats watching your girlfriend get fucked in the ass by a BIG BLACK COCK, (unless of course) your also getting fucked in the ass by one to .....yeah that's right give it to me NIGGA , CUM in my ass motherfucker so I can have my girlfriend lick it clean

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