Black Cougars 3

Released at: December 11, 2012 by Evasive Angles
The passion of a mature lady is the bomb mix in a fine sexy black mature woman and you got a real fire. These hungry sex depraved cougars are what Evasive is all about! Take new comer Renya. She's smoking hot in her fishnets from head to toe! She gleefully swallows up the young studs dick. The mother with the darkest secrets, Katt, unleashes her desires on the nice neighbor kid, who only wanted to get his ball back from her backyard. Now she's got him balls deep up in her! Two more nasty cougar freaks round out this great flick. So settle in, put the phone on hold, spark up the blunt, and go to heaven from the guys that know what you like!

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Scene1: 00:28:27 - 01:02:35 (34:08)

Scene2: 01:02:37 - 01:59:50 (57:13)


Xtreme, Katt

Scene3: 01:59:52 - 02:26:22 (26:30)


Blaze, J Cannon

Scene4: 02:26:24 - 03:00:36 (34:12)


Reniya, T.P.