Big Booty Divas Hardcut

Released at: February 10, 2020 by Score
Five bangin' ass bitches with thick thighs and fat bottoms. That's our style because fucking ain't no fun unless a chick has cushion for the pushing. We only feature the baddest babes with hourglass figures and pussies that beg for a deep dicking. And that's just what they're gonna get. Cherise Roze, Tia Sweets, Mina Scarlett, Soleil Hughes, and Cherry Blossoms love nothing more than twerking their festively plump trunks on the biggest cocks they can find. And these chicks don't stop until their man gets off. You're going to love these Divas.

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Tia Sweets

Scene4: 00:55:28 - 01:06:53 (11:25)

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