Bi-Sexual Healing

Released at: June 16, 2007 by Legend
  • Studio Legend
  • Duration 03:28:00
  • Production year 2005
  • Scene count 7
  • Cast
Sometimes nothing can make you feel better than a little Bi-Sexual Healing. Watch as these babes and dudes suck cock and fuck each other in this four-hour, bi-sexual compilation. This is only for all the real kinky, freaks in the house! The way these sex craved feigns get it on may be a little more than you can take. But if you have that nasty feeling, get ready for some Bi-Sexual Healing. Hot chicks are living out their sexual fantasies of having big dicks and fucking their men up the ass. The real thrill is seeing their men get their rocks off fucking another man and having their big cocks sucked. How about a double blowjob from your girl and her unexpected guest. Can you even imagine what's next?! This bi-sexual melting but is hardcore sex at it's best!!!

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