Bi-Sexual Cuckold

Released at: July 25, 2012 by Doghouse Digital
These husbands are in for quite a gender-bending surprise. It's bad enough that their wives broke the wedding vows and started cheating on them with other men, but their wives are going to persuade them to get in on the action by sucking it up and going a bit gay. Crazy threesomes where some guy sucks his first cock and the wife gets off on humiliating her man in the middle of the act! Doghouse explodes with this awesome new series: Bi-sexual cuckold.

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Scene1: 00:01:25 - 00:27:33 (26:08)

Scene2: 00:27:35 - 01:01:42 (34:07)

Scene3: 01:01:44 - 01:31:37 (29:53)

Scene4: 01:31:39 - 02:04:48 (33:09)