Best of Voluptuous 2

Released at: January 5, 2007 by Score
The movie that'll have breast man sweating bullets. Tons of breast play, self-fondling and licking, dancing, stripping, slow and steamy masturbation by hand or dildo, erotic eye-contact with the camera--all that good, solo big bust stuff we will always love to jack it to, like the fucking boob maniacs we are. Enjoy ten of the most popular and sought-after stars in Voluptuous Magazine history, plus two super-sexy super-toppers from the late, great '80s! We researched the SCORE Group video vaults for the kind of unique footage that would have every breast man sweating bullets, and we found what we were looking for. You know how beautiful and heavy their natural knockers are. What great models they are. Many of us have literally worshipped their titties for years. Best of Voluptuous Volume 2 stars Autumn, Kerry Marie, Carol Brown, Chloe Vevrier, Katie, Ona, Lisa Miller, Renee, Rhonda Baxter and Tracy Burr. PLUS! You get legends Nilli Willis and Louise Leeds. A tit-man's dozen in all. Autumn is known for her considerable talents as a sucker of her own nipples. She wakes up in bed and immediately starts squeezing her giant melons and sucking her pointy nips. Pulling out a vibrator, she runs it all over her knockers, then buzzes her pussy until she explodes. There are many loving close-ups of Danielle's perfect body. What a booty! Another champion self-sucker, Carol Brown's Brit tits look absolutely enormous on video?much bigger than in her still photographs. She uses her right hand to diddle her clitty while using her left hand to lift up her left knocker and suck it. So, now you know about Carol?she's a rightie. With a real long tongue. She comes hard. You can tell it's for real by how tight and stiff her legs become at explosion time. Chloe Vevrier in a black bra will have your nuts burning in no time. A true mistress of erotic masturbation and sensuous breast self-worship. No one is better than Chloe in this department. Watching Chloe palm and moisturize her huge boobs is the meaning of a boobman's life. Boob Cruiser '97 Katie (aka Fae) doesn't have the boob power or the sheer magnetic force of a Chloe or Linsey McKenzie (and few do). However, smiley-faced Katie has earned a list of credits in Voluptuous Magazine that surprisingly comes close to rivaling those two mega-stars. You'll see her gyrate, striptease and grind, then recline to self-massage her milkers and rub her thick, black bush. Katie's performance will get your Johnson hard enough to use as a pool cue. Some of you V Men will surely remember Ona?an elegant looking, European honey blonde. Wearing a sexy black bustier, Ona wastes no time getting down to a masturbation operation (she's ambidextrous) and builds herself up to a shattering climax. From Deutschland, cums the strapping Lisa Miller, an uber-model of classic, mid-90s Voluptuous. Lisa soaps up her Reubenesque brickhouse body in the bath, swinging her bigger than big, mouthwateringly pendulous tits, and frigging her German fotze until she nearly passes out from the effort. Lisa had a full time job and would trek into Britain for modeling shoots?the main reason she never became as successful as Chloe. Young and tender, busty up top and bushy down below, Renee is a relative newcomer to Voluptuous and SCORE Magazine, yet has collected a following of fans worldwide. Much of that fandom comes from her gorgeous face?this chick is fashion model material. Thank God she didn't fall for that foo-foo runway crap. We'd rather see her get herself off in bed, vigorously fingering her wooly cootch. This is an extremely rare clip- the first time we've ever seen Renee on video. The blast from the past, Louise Leeds retired right before Voluptuous was launched in 1994. Beloved by big boob wolves for years - a virtual icon of the British big tit world - Louise does a lively, busty striptease out of her red vinyl raincoat (a very English touch here) before inserting a red gloved finger into her love canal. American milkmaid Rhonda Baxter is another huge breasted icon for most of us. In the opener, she's very studious about adjusting her huge dairy tanks trapped within her sexy bra. When she unleashes her jiggle toys from entrapment (we can almost hear her tits begging Rhonda for release), the camera is all over Rhonda from every angle. Then she whips out a vibrating dildo and plunges her pussy?Rhonda never did anything half-assed. (Rhonda will be one of twenty superstars featured in the September 2001 SCORE all-natural special issue.) Another tit slinger from the hanging late '80s, the legendary Nilli Willis does a wild, exotica-style boob dance suitable for a campfire along the Amazon River. Tit-obsessed camera work is unavoidable. Wide-eyed Nilli became a goddess of the big breast magazine scene worldwide instantaneously, and it's easy to see why. Incredibly stacked and shapely, good-looking Tracy Burr was another magnificent early V Woman. She hailed from San Diego, although for several reasons, she had the aura of a Brit. Tracy's tits are fucking gigantic and her segment is a close-up boob handling show of epic dimensions. Thoughtfully, Tracy doesn't forget to furiously rub herself off with her lovely hand (she too is a rightie). There are no guys in the way in Best of Voluptuous 2 -- many of you will be glad to read this. This compilation is a series of traditional "home alone" scenes shot in the U.K. and America. Tons of breast play, self-fondling and licking, dancing, stripping, slow and steamy masturbation by hand or dildo, erotic eye-contact with the camera--all that good, solo big bust stuff we will always love to jack it to, like the fucking boob maniacs we are. This is a classic busty gal spectacular that will never go out of style. From personal experience, we guarantee that you'll be pausing Best of Voluptuous #2 many times just to calm down.

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