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All natural MILF Bella is bellissima! Bella is 33 years old and she's had four children. She thinks her bum is her best asset, but we're really fond of her adventurous spirit; especially the four girl-only orgy she once tried. Bella says she started masturbating when she was only 15 years old and now she enjoys pleasuring herself every other day or so. Her favorite toy is the magic wand.

We first meet Bella as she walks into the bedroom wearing a purple bodice and black panties. She makes herself comfy on the bed. She's chatty and often emits a nervous little giggle. She wastes no time pulling her black cotton panties aside and starting with a finger rub of her clitoris and pussy. Her clitoris is pierced and her pussy is shaved. Bella pulls back, rather firmly, on her mound, elongating her clitoris and rubbing down around her labia and underneath the tip of her clitoris with her fingers. She knows how she likes it, and she giggles quite often as she plays with herself, sneaking coy glances, from time-to-time, at the camera. Bella grunts quietly, pants and moans a bit as she gets closer to cumming. Her pussy also becomes quite pink, swollen and puffy as she says, "Ahhh." and "Mmmm". Her quest for orgasm is becoming a bit more intense as she pulls back, rubbing the tip and end of clitoris the most. Her hips are bouncing and her legs are quivering as she closes her eyes, moaning. Not quite there yet. She dips a finger inside, and then goes back to her firm, circular rub. And then she moans, as she rubs some more, then she gasps, making a high pitched sound as she curls upward and her tummy and pussy contract as she cums. Then she giggles again. But, Bella isn't finished with this finger masturbation yet. She continues rubbing her clitoris with one hand while the other holds her panties to the side. Once more, we can watch her pussy flush pink and swell. Her middle finger is rubbing fast, firmly and directly on the end of her clit ... Bella really wants to cum again. Once more Bella's masturbation is intense. Her eyes are closed; she is whimpering, biting her bottom lip and shaking as she wants this second orgasm. Bella lets out an "Ohh. Yeah." As she goes over the edge. And she's smugly giggling as she asks the cameraman, "How was that one?"!

For her second scene, Bella is still releasing her nervous little giggle as she tries out the pink vibe on her bare pussy. She is wearing a white, eyelet, lingerie top. Her feet are lifted off the bed as one hand wraps behind her thigh and the toy buzzes away, particularly high pitched on her clit ring - but Bella seems to like that. Working the toy in small circles on the tip of her clit, Bella begins to quiver and gasp - her foot, which is dangling over her arm, is lifted off the bed. We hear Bella say, "Ohhhhh, fuck. Oh" as she has a big, nice, contracting orgasm. "I so need to get myself one of these." she says, "This is my new best friend."

Wearing the same eyelet top, but wearing a grey pair of panties, Bella is visible from the shoulders down as the cameraman sits on the bed next to her for a little hands on orgasm treatment. He immediately notes the wet spot on her panties. She says the wet patch is because he's been teasing her. Bella and the cameraman exchange a bit of banter about the baton vibe with him noting it's his favorite toy to use on our girls. He works the toy on her pussy through the panties first, quickly asking her to take her panties off. He lubricates his fingers and her pussy with some saliva, and then works the vibe all around her clit. He notes how nice her pussy lips are, calling them "gorgeous". Bella is moaning - almost purring - as he teases her with the toy. She begins to rhythmically gasp and moan as he jiggles the toy across her clitoris. He goes back to a firmer touch as Bella says, "Oh, god, yeah." He whispers, "Will you cum for me?" Bella moans again. Then we hear her saying, "Oh, fuck. Mmmmm. Oh. Mmmmm. Mmmmm. Oh god, yeah. Yeah." as she cums. Then Bella is giggly. But he continues to stimulate with the toy quietly asking, "Can you stand that?" She just giggles and seems to really enjoy it. He says, "Oh wow. Look at your juices. We'll carry on for a bit." He gently holds one of her pussy lips wide open as he works the toy on her. And Bella is gasping and moaning. She says, "Oh god" as she gets revved up for her next orgasm. She whispers, "Oh. Yeah." as she moans. Despite moving the toy around, he can't quite get her there until he holds one of her labia open and presses the toy very firmly on her clitoris. Her clit ring buzzes and Bella looks like she's ready to jump off the bed. He slips his finger down, into her vagina, still working the toy on her clitoris. Then he goes back to working the baton vibe between her lippies and all around on her clitoris. Bella is writhing and moaning and rocking her hips. She gasps, saying, "Oh god. Yeah. Yeah." Next he gets the idea to put the vibe just inside of her while he finger massages her pierced clit. Then he strokes her pussy with the toy, working it quickly in and out of her. Bella is still making pleasure sounds as he says, "Oh, wow." He fondles her breasts, and then pulls the toy out noting all of her juices. She says, "He's a beast!" referring to the toy? Or the cameraman? We think the toy! (This scene was zoomed in digitally and is therefore not quite as high resolution as the other scenes on in this movie.)

Bella is lounging on big red pillows on the bed. She is wearing a purple nightie and floral panties with black trim. She is stimulating her pussy through her panties with the purple "dental" vibe. After a few moments, she peels off her panties, pulling back on her mound and working the toy up and down and all around on her flappy labia and clitoris. Bella likes this - pausing only to run her hand down her pussy and adjust her labia. Bella moans and giggles as she firmly presses the toy on her clitoris. Bella moans and whimpers as she plays with the toy - working it up and down and all around on her. When she finds a sweet spot, she closes her eyes, presses firmly and moans a little pleasure sound. She gets the toy going rather frantically across her clitoris, rocking her hips, curling her tummy, bouncing and rocking into the toy saying, "Mmmmmmmm. Ahhhhhh." Bella continues, gasping some more. And when she finally finds this one, she throws her head back into the pillows saying, "Oh god, yeah." and her pussy contracts nicely! She giggles, holding her head in hands and covering her eyes as she asks the cameraman, "How was that one?" It was nice, Madame Bella ... despite the "hard work"!

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