Backstage Ass

Released at: November 1, 2017 by Chrysalis Content
Rocky the Rockstar dumps loads of cum inside the fertile pussy of his lead singer, Gracie. And so does his drummer, Al. Unknown to them, she has a daughter. Years later when the daughter is grown, Rocky and his drummer return for a gig. The hot teen daughter Alissa is horny as hell and wants to fuck the famous Rocky. But is he her REAL dad? Or is it the drummer? Only a DNA test will reveal the truth. In the meantime, Rocky and Alissa can't control themselves and fuck each other with him dumping more loads of cum inside a woman who could possibly be his daughter! The DNA test reveals the drummer is the real father but it's too late. Alissa is madly in love with Rocky and wants to run away with him while her mother still wants to fuck Rocky and try to get pregnant with him. With entertaining music and lusty sex action, enjoy watching the big dicked Rock star Rocky get plenty of Backstage Ass!

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