Babes In Kongland

Released at: October 24, 2011 by Seduction Cinema
****Recommended For Rental**** A planet where hot'n'horny females are the 8th Wonder of the World and the dominant species becomes the setting for this ultra-sensual adventure that gives brand new meaning to "spanking the monkey." That's because these sexy, kinky and libidinous ladies have banished men to a forbidden zone and made apes their personal love slaves. Into this world comes a TV repairman-turned-mad doctor whose unique invention that tunes into the erotic signals from distant galaxies instead transports him to this exotic and erotic place. Amidst the lush setting and luscious lesbian landscape, the doctor is captured by a tribe of under-sexed young women who are searching for the most-prized love slave of all and the King of all simians, and he's as big as they come!

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