Ariel & Lola (Pornochic 24)

Released at: September 30, 2013 by DORCEL (English)
Perverse diner between friends : After playing the exhibitionist tourist in Paris, Lola Reve joins Anna, James & Vince for a diner between friends. For Dessert, the two girls will play some lesbian games that will quickly arouse their partners. They will both fuck the girls on the kitchen table before sodomizing them. Two lovers in the shower : After spending the night in a Club, Mike & Cayenne walk through the gardens of Paris before heading back to their hotel to shower and relax. Soon, Mike takes the young woman standing against the wall before making her scream with pleasure on the bed. A girls' bath : Ariel & Anissa have been friends for a long time but never dared to take it to the next level, between each other's legs. They start playing sensual games before making things more serious with a massive sex-toy. The exhibitionist : Jessie is a young upper class girl who likes new experiences. One morning, she decides to exhibit herself on the balcony while her gardener is working a few meters away. To turn him on, she starts shaving her pussy and invites him to come and taste her freshly shaved pubic mound. After playing with the gardener's huge dick, she will let the lucky man sodomize her.

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