Aria's Photo Shoot

Released at: November 10, 2017 by Desert Wind Studios
This gal has nice tits. That is what the old guy photographer thought when he saw her the first time. She wanted some sexy shots for her online adult business. She saw it as an opportune time to get some hot photos to enhance her site. He saw it as an opportunity to get some pussy. Usually the 85 year old photographer has to do some trickery to get into these young girls's panties but not this time. He starts feeling her up in the kitchen when they are on a break from shooting and again when they are sitting on the couch. they go back into the studio for some more shots and he get her to play with her pussy while he massages her fine looking tits. After the shoot he takes her into the bedroom and she sucks on his old man cock, sure it is tiny and soft but the old guy loves her blowjob. He puts her on her tummy, oils up her asscheeks and his cock and does some serious asscheek fucking. He really liked cuming on her butt and back and especially on her tattoo He is one sick photographer.

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