Angelina Walls & Master Len Spanked Whipped Disciplined

Released at: August 29, 2021 by Edge Interactive
Master Len walks into Angelina's room to scold her about her regulation uniform. He makes her get on her knees to show the length of her skirt. He orders her to lift it completely and she reveals a red leather thong. He's not too happy and reminds her about the spanking he promised her if she acted up again. He orders Angelina to bend over and pull her thong down. He spanks her ass over and over again. He yanks her top off revealing her pierced nipples, then continues to spank her. Angelina moans and says she sorry for misbehaving. He allows her to rub and soothe her ass. He sends her to the corner and makes her look out the window. She's reminded that she won't get to go outside to have any fun if she breaks school regulations again. He decides that he' not done with her and whips her with his belt. You can tell by Angelina's smirk that she enjoys being spanked.

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