Angel Plush

Released at: February 24, 2005 by Ninn Worx
Plush. The luxury of whatever she desires. Angel Cassidy indulges in the intoxication of her wealth and sexual power. A collector of seductions, angel is the opulence of the erotic and the hardcore. Justine costars in a Michael Ninn feature.

It took awhile for Ninn Worx to get around to the second movie featuring contract exclusive Angel Cassidy, but it doesn't seem to have hurt Angel's libido any. Scorching in three scenes this time around Angel ably demonstrates at least some aspects that explain Michael's fascination with her.

Arguably the most perfect personification of the contemporary Porn Star, Angel's long, lean, and undeniably beautiful. Ninn sees beyond the superficial in this encore Angel effort, however, and the audience begins to see some of the sexual drive in his characteristic efforts of raw visual power. Moving into her own areas of control, Michael and his team simply sit back and film, and Angel moves herself and her costars into another arena entirely. Eerily narrated by an uncredited Tina Tyler, Plush takes us on a deep and satiating journey. We can only wait to see where Angel Cassidy and Michael Ninn take us next.

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