Anal Vax

Released at: April 13, 2023 by Carmen Rivera Entertainment
In the KLABAUTER-KLINIK "BIZZARE" it goes hot today. A latex horny patient suffers very much from his permanent horniness and trustingly gives himself into the hands of the outpatient fuck care service "3 rescue angels in latex" - Lady Blackdiamoond, Sister Vegas and Carmen Rivera. At the NEW ACCESS, first an embarrassing examination is carried out because his "lump" in his pants is very swollen. This is followed by a "reaction test" and a subsequent aroma medication by the strung out sisterhood. After a bladder catheter and various urethral dilators do not bring any relief to his erectile tissue, a shock wave therapy is prescribed. A booster shot through the back door is inevitable. By the time the anal vax takes full effect, the patient has already had a full load of semen extracted twice through intense hemorrhoid stimulation. The ELECTRO-ANAL-YSE lets him rapture and the sparks jump over not only to his nipples pierced with needles. The examination of the respiratory tract takes place in a fixation since the horniness is meanwhile hardly to be restrained. By means of a medical enema machine the third sperm-cost sample is taken while the urine-therapeutic reactivates the patient's swallowing reflexes and makes his erectile tissue finally subside. THE BOOSTEREI, a guarantee for anal tenderness - not without main and side effects!

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