Amateur Hall Of Fame: Red Head Riding

Released at: January 23, 2012 by Amateur Hall of Fame Productions
I went for the pale white skin and fire red hair in this movie and it's the only time I fuck black guys with red hair. I recruited 3 guys to cum to my room, treat me like a whore, and to let me eat their sperm. Two of the guys were black and one had a fat cock you have to see. They were really energetic and jumped right onto their first white woman. They fucked me like a rabbit, very fast and very hard. I told them they had to fuck my ass first. They shoved their fat black fingers in my asshole, hard and deep! The first guy pounds my cunt and then pulls off a condom to feed me. I guess they think all white women like to eat cum. They were right with me! If you like to have a woman get on top and fuck you, then watch me. I am the best on top and you can see I love a big, fat black cock in my pussy, riding it hard, while my clit rubs hard on him. While on top of one thick cock the other shoves most of his fingers in my ass again. I get fucked really hard and my pussy lips turn bright pink. I get pounded like a white whore! My white friend joins in and acts just like the black guys. He fucks me hard, then cums in a condom and dumps on my face too! For you cream-pie Fans, the last guy cums in my cunt. Another neat thing about this tape is that I don't have blonde hair. I decided to go red for a time and this is the only video you can get of me fucking black guys as a red head! Great close ups and real nasty sex.

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