Amateur 3Some Sex Tapes

Released at: June 4, 2018 by Reality Kings

Giani and Camila Casey were getting ready for a big game when Leo came in with the camera to capture some pre-game prepping. These two sexy girls in their tight short shorts looked so nice and tasty. Leo knew what he had right in front of him, and all he had to do was find the right combination of questions to ask to get things going. It started off slow because the girls were not sure about the camera. The bartering continued as they took a picture for him to put on his phone. His girlfriend Camila was used to this kind of thing, but he wanted both of them. One trade for another, and he got the goods. These two hotties played with each other before but never with a guy. They warmed each other up as the pussy play evolved. They had him join in to make the fun more exciting. They tag team his cock as the camera rolled on. They made a hot bathroom sexcapade something to remember

It was Friday and shit was heating up. Amber Taylor and Sophia Stone were ready to go out and about in town and mingle. They didn't want to take me, I figured my girlfriend Sophia was gonna go back to her usual ways. I didn't trust her much but she was one hell of a fuck. I mainly blamed Amber for her promiscuous ways. Theres too many secrets and today they were spilling. I found out Amber messed with Sophia and then Sophia found out I messed with Amber. So It came to me as a miracle. Why not fuck them both? After some convincing they surprisingly agree and it was on! Threesomes are fucking amazing!

Layna Landry and Vixen Rose were half naked and getting ready to go to work when Laynas boyfriend came in with his camera recording. They told him to get out at first, but they came around and things got interesting. First, they kissed each other and then they began undressing each other. They licked each others pussies while her boyfriend watched. He finally decided to join in and he fucked both of them. Layna got all the man juice all over her.

I shot the best video with my girlfriend and her best friend. We were hanging out in the back yard by the slip n slide that was set up. The girls were looking so hot in their bikinis and could not keep their hands off each other. When they started playing in the sun and getting wet on the slide, it was just a matter of time before they started sucking tits and eating pussy, HOT!! I took a chance and just took my dick out while they were making out and they totally went for it! My girlfriend gripped my cock while her girl started gagging on it. Soon i was balls deep in both of them right on the slide but then we took the party inside where I stacked their sweet asses on top of each other. You have to see this session to believe it!

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