Alissa Anderson Panty & Pantyhose Tease

Released at: April 27, 2018 by Playtime Video
Sweet, Sultry 21 year old Brunette Alissa Anderson lets you look up her pleated skirt at her white cotton bikini panties. She asks "Do you like my panties?" as she stands directly above you. She stands on her bed, slowly strips as she continually brushes her hand on her panty covered mound. Next, Alissa lets you get a close-up of her crotch as she pulls her blue, tight shorts up. Shorts now off, she models her white satin full cover panties. She quickly changes into pink satin bikini panties and pumps her little fist onto her crotch hoping you are doing the same as she gyrates to the music. Next, Alissa wants to see if she can get you off exposing her legs and ass covered in silver light control top pantyhose. The camera gets inches away as she coos "I wish you were here rubbing my pantyhose." She slides out of her brown dress to model the pantyhose right over you, then more of the same in nude tights with white socks. Hot, young lady who gets you off!

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