Access My Ass Vol. 1

Released at: August 27, 2015 by Brandon Lee Harrington Productions
Totally Tabitha ----------------------------- This big tit MILF blonde slut just loves black cum in her pretty white pussy. Not only that, but she sticks a bottle in her pussy, sucks dick, and gets fucked in the ass. Samantha Parker -------------------------------- Samantha's new to the industry. Even though she hasn't filmed many scenes, she says shes down for whatever. I was a little skeptical that this newbie could get on my level, but I was quickly impressed. Watch her get facefucked, fucked in the pussy and then fucked in the ass in multiple positions. She says she likes it rough, so I slap her around a little bit. Of course I also had to have her lick my hairy asshole. I told her I wanted a rusty trombone, and she said "I used to play the trombone". Classic! Ava Devine ---------------------------- Sent by my mom to ask Ava if shes going to the community watch meeting. She proceeds to tell me she's "too provocative" for the meeting and says she has noticed the way I look at her. She says shes going to "turn me out" and proceeds to corrupt me by encouraging me to fuck her pussy, ass, and mouth. Ava is such a dirty talker. You wont believe some of the words that come out of her mouth.

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Ava Devine