Academy of Riding

Released at: April 18, 2018 by California Star Productions
Two pretty young women are desperate to procure jobs at the well-known riding stable. It's the best stables in the district and has a very high success rate where competitions are concerned. Tanya and Lee have gone every day to the stables to pet horses. And this has not gone unnoticed by Mrs. Fargo, the owner, who has repeatedly asked the girls to leave. On this particular day though Mrs. Fargo invites the girls into her drawing room, and asks them to strip off and wear some outfits she has specifically picked out. Getting a job is not going to be easy as Mrs. Fargo puts her staff through a good flogging to make sure they stay in line. Tanya soon learns who is boss as she is spanked and caned on her pretty bare bottom. Not long after screams are heard from Lee as she too is treated in the same manner. Lee and Tanya are just two more unlucky recipients of this British tradition.

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