A Transitional Spanking

Released at: August 5, 2022 by Universal Spanking

Adriana (Evans) and Chris (Achillies) had been fighting a lot as of late. Jealousy was raging and things went too far when she raised her hand and slapped him in the face during a dispute! Chris was so angry that his primal instincts kicked in and he took the sassy young woman over his knee for some much needed correction! Adriana had not been spanked since college and certainly didn't expect Chris to ever be warming up her bottom, those first smacks snapped her back to a time that she had forgotten,...a time when someone cared enough tan her exposed behind.

To make matters worse though, their buddy that they were staying with entered the room, obviously pissed by their noisy fighting and offered his help to not only double spank Adriana, but to also give her a double cropping! Sure she was humiliated, but inside Adriana was feeling the spark that an old fashioned spanking can give to a girl. In the heat of the moment, Chris also lightly tied her wrists and ankles during this punishment as he wanted to see if she would try to escape her dilemma or if she would submit her beautiful bare bottom,... sticking it right up for more spankings? Things were certainly changing in the lives of this couple, and as things changed it seemed that the doors of corporal punishment were opening up and rekindling the passion and igniting the fire that had originally brought them together in the first place.

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