A Sound Thrashing and A Quantumly Fantastic Caning

Released at: April 17, 2018 by California Star Productions
A Sound Thrashing A college official, Davies, is fed up with Fox, one of her pupils. She has repeatedly undermined Davies' authority and must be dealt with. When given detention she merely ignores it. When sent for errands she often takes more time than is necessary. Davies is finally given permission by the headmistress to take Fox to her house and give her a sound thrashing. Hand spanking, paddle strokes and finally a firm cane are in order. And in turn Davies is pleasured by Fox who now pledges her faithful obedience. A Quantumly Fantastic Caning Mr. Jarvis is delighted to welcome his new Australian girlfriend, Kim to his house in England. He picks her up from the customs office where she has been detained. On his word only, she is allowed to stay, as customs reluctantly releases her. However, he learns that she has been misleading him, and is told that her "real" boyfriend is awaiting her arrival! Disappointed, hurt and finally furious hue uses this small window of opportunity to administer disciplinary actions. After receiving this reddened bottom she is sent on her way.

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