90 Minutes With Kira Noir (Behind The Scenes)

Released at: June 19, 2019 by Assylum.com
Why do girls shoot at the Asylum? What do they think about what they're doing? Do they do this in their personal lives too? Well, the answers are different for every model, but here we have a 90-minute discussion with Kira Noir about all these questions and many more. Talking with Kira is an exceptional joy, as she has many insights into sex and BDSM to share. She and Dr. Mercies even cover some difficult topics relating to the philosophy of BDSM, contemporary communication challenges, and the impact of social media. They don't agree completely on every detail, but the quality of the dialogue is very high. You might not jerk off to this, but we promise a rare, genuine conversation from two people who like to engage in some pretty wild things.

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