3 Trannies Do the Holidays In

Released at: April 16, 2009 by Randy De Troit
3 very lonely transsexuals visiting each other for the Holidays get bored watching Superman 1, 2 & 3 on Blue Ray, so they need to find alternative excitement for their pleasure. They begin by stripping off each other's clothes and getting comfortable. Then the licking and sucking begins. They take turns as they enjoy each other's genitalia. Oh the sweet taste. But none can actually get it up so they invite a straight guy to service all of them independently so each can watch the new Superman at work; he pounds each trannie with the quickness every so caring and deliberate. He plants his hard meat all the way up each ones' vagina but not before they suck it hard and keep it that way in between. The Holidays have never been so good. Then he sprays each with a little egg nog on their face to remember him by!

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