18 Yr Old Baby-Face

Released at: November 14, 2017 by 97% Amateurs
Emma our Sandra Dee look-a-like strip down and shows us her B and C cup boobs. Lots of boob play. Gets into a black lingerie top and sexy long black gloves. This is followed by boob squeezing and massaging bending over and some of the most beautiful swings. In the black opera gloves and black lingerie. Lots of boob play and then changing into a leopard print top with more boob play. In some slow motion bouncing sequences. You just want to reach out and grab those boobs. Then boob juggling while on her back. Puts on black fishnets. More slow motion while on her back pushing tits together showing some great motion. Nipple pulling. A full body pan that ends up with a look at her lovely pussy. She wiggles her way out of her panties and fishnets. Squats down with some great pussy close-ups. The remaining half of the clip has Emma playing with her pussy in various ways including some great slow motion.

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