10 Man Cum Slam #21

Released at: March 16, 2007 by Kick Ass Pictures
**Kissy Me, I Just Swallowed 10 Loads** Kissy is the classic blonde girl next door. She's soft-spoken and shy, does her homework, and doesn't stay out late. Then one day she meets a Svengali, a smooth talker who convinces her that nobody will ever love her except him, and if she wants to prove her love to him, she needs to suck the hard cocks of 10 strangers and swallow every srop of their sperm. (Which can be gallons, since these mooks save it for days.) He collects the paycheck, and she collects just enough self-worth to carry over to the next foul thing he asks of her. In porn, we call that the "circle of life". Hallelujah!

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Alexa Lynn