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Review: December 5, 2008, by Gabrio
Yanks Videos

Do you want to see how the girl next door really makes herself cum? I guess that here we have lots of girl masturbation going and from what I can see by checking out the main page of the YanksVideos tour, we have lots of hotties there! Each girl has her personal page which shows you a bit more about her but of course for the real deal we have to check out the members area so keep on reading!


Overall rating7.8

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The main page of the members area of Yanks Videos.com looks rather clean and we have a group of different columns where you have the content, the main headers have these labels: News, Most Recent, Top Rated, Yanks Girls, Coming Soon, WMV Videos, PSP Videos, IPOD Videos, then you have 3 columns with BONUS, 3 with EXTRAS and finally you have 3 columns for customer support: About Us, Contact Us and Faq.

Other than that you do not have other girls on this page, I am going to check out the most recent girls right now. For each girl they have in the website you have a personal profile page where they give info about the girl, and there are also her stats there....the videos are available in high quality and in ipod format too; in case you have a PSP and you don't want to run without your favorite porn then you will be happy since they have also IPOD clips available.

I wanted to use right click and save target as on the link that they give you on the main page but that it is not working, you will have to click on it and then you will reach the page where you have the actual download links. I checked out the .wmv videos and it looks like you can't watch them in streaming since when you click on the video, you get the download prompt thing, if you want to do streaming, you will have to do a trick and copy / paste the url in windows media player and pray that it will work since sometimes for odd reasons it does not.

I headed back to the main index page where you have all the girls and it's full of amateurs there, they have a total of 10 pages and on each page you have 16 girls, all fresh and new from what I can see. You can also rate every girl, this is a feature all new sites have and I think that it's quite cool actually...From what I can see there are no photo galleries available but only videos.


Like the name of the domain name says, YanksVideos.com is a website where you have only videos, the main content is sexy amateurs here and I liked the website since it's clean and the girls they have are all new and they all like to masturbate real hard. Speaking in terms of amount of content, it will take you a good while for checking out all the updates they have here so if you like masturbating gals, you're in the right place.

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