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Review: April 14, 2006, by Gabrio

Naughty Allie is the official site of the hot and VERY busty amateur blonde Allie. Her site has a true amateur look and in fact inside the members area you are going to find a lot of amateur hardcore photos and videos updated on a daily basis. As you can see from the tour (which has lots of previews), she really takes good care of the site, every set has a detailed description of what's going on and the quality of the content is very good as well, now what are you waiting for?


Overall rating8.5

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I just logged inside the members area and the site is looking hot, the first thing you see is a welcome message from Allie and then you have a picture where you see her licking a hot girls' ass....the site is very interactive and there are lots of nice features, at the top of the page we have the following links: Home, Journal, Photos, Videos, Live Cams, About Me, Extras, Store and Contact and in the lower part of the page I can see that you can read the latest news with an interactive horizontal scroller bar.

I decided to start with the Live Cams page this time and I have to say that there is a very good schedule there, and you will see her performing live on many different sites so make sure to catch up! Then a funny thing is that there is a feature called 24/7 live cam and I checked that out, Allie was working at her desk and she said hello, really cool plus you can check the other rooms of her house like bedroom, bathroom, office and shower. And it's not finished, she has a very cool chat where members can see her and up to 8 members can log in with their cam and Allie can see them...

If you want to know about what's going on in Allie's daily routine then I suggest you to check out her Journal, she updates it every day and she also responds to her members comments every day. Now I checked the Photo galleries index page and there are many sets, each one has a long description and when it comes to the quality of the full sized images they are really good and you can also check them out with the slide show feature. There is a good variety of galleries, I found many lesbian sets, solo masturbation and hardcore as well.

If you click Videos, you get a drop down menu with 2 options: Video Gallery or Video Stills Gallery, I clicked the first and there are many videos, available in low, high quality and some of the clips are also available on DVD, really amazing. The quality of the high quality video clips is very good in my opinion and Allie always looks gorgeous.


I had lots of fun inside the members area of Allie's site and the interactivity factor is very present plus it was cool checking her out live from the live cam at home. The quality of the content you are going to find is high, she also has an official store where you can buy all her videos in DVD, she does many live chats on a weekly basis yet there are also featured photo galleries with her girl friends and many video feeds.

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