Toon Party Review

Review: June 5, 2008, by Gabrio
Toon Party

Who said that in order to have fun you need real humans? Check out these sexy cartoons from Toon and tell me if they are not having fun lol!!! From what we can see on the tour of the site, they look like they are into deep fucking action for our viewing pleasure and if you want to know a bit more about what they have inside, then I suggest you to read the full review below.


Overall rating6.8

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One thing that I can tell you right away about this website Toon is the fact that the price of the membership is a bit too high but as usual, we have to check out what they have in the members area for saying that...the link for entering the protected zone is located at the bottom of the page where it says MEMBERS ENTRANCE HERE and within a few seconds you will be inside.

The main page, that is loaded with filthy cartoons looks rather small and at the top of the page we have the following links: Home, Pictures, Animations, Updates, Chat, Bonus, Faq and Search, then you have the Latest News and a voting system as well. Going down a little bit in the page you will see the Last Updates and Top Hits and finally in the lower part of the page there is a box where you can input your comments and I think that it's a pretty good idea for leaving some feedback for the owners of the site. For some reason, you have to click 2 times the links on the menu at the top - maybe is uncle Windows - and then the links will properly open the new pages.

If you check the link Animations from the top of the page then you will find a page where you have the streaming cartoons and I think that you will have quite fun with that section - for some reason, the second time I logged inside the members area of the site, it took ages, the first time was much faster but maybe my connection is a bit loaded at the time of the second check anyway the layout is quite simple and the photo galleries look really fun, the only thing missing was the fact that they did not have the .zip downloads which are always useful in my opinion.

Make sure to keep an eye on the extras that come for free with this website, in case you are done with the main content of the site and you want something more...have fun!


If you are sick and tired of the usual porn stuff, then it's always a good idea to put some variation into the routine an sooner or laster you also have to change niche, that is what I think at least and a toon website like is really what you need every once in a while, I just didn't like some easy things and the fact that at the second attempt of checking out the site it really took ages.

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