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Review: May 27, 2013
Self Desire

Have you ever gone to a restaurant that looked like it was really good? The outside looked nice, the inside was well-decorated, the menu had good choices, the waitress took great care of your table? But then the food came out and it was just not all that great? That's kind of how I feel about Self Desire. This well-designed website is easy to get around, and features some really hot babes doing lots of teasing and self-pleasuring...but I think I just expected more, or maybe something different.


Overall rating7.3

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I think part of my issue with is the premise, or at least the premise I was expecting. The splash page describes it as having "in depth interview(s) of porn." I didn't find much of that here. What this site basically consists of are videos (with accompanying photosets) of girls teasing and playing with themselves. There is some occasional banter with the cameraman, and a few instances where questions are asked of the model. In depth interview? I watched 12 of the 30 scenes and didn't see anything like that.

I'll come back to that, but let's talk about what's good here, because there is a lot to like. The layout and user interface is pretty good. Content is easy to find (maybe that's because there are only 30 scenes), and it's all well laid-out, with multiple viewing options. The scenes can be viewed in full, or you can choose by segment, a "best of" option, and a few others. This was nicely done.

Technically, it's also well done. Video streams in flash or wmv, and downloads are available in multiple options. It's all also available via mobile device. Everything loads and plays really quickly, and resolution is crisp (especially the high def option...I mean REALLY crisp. I think I could see pores on these girls' faces). Production values on the videos are top notch, with great lighting and editing..

And the talent is outstanding. They've found some super hot girls, going for the young, cute, tight look here. There are no over-the-top porn bimbos. These girls are all 18-23, with small-medium sized breasts, and thin, tight bodies. Tattoos are at a minimum (or absent)...if you like the girl next door, this is it.

All of that is fantastic, and even the action itself is not bad (but not great either). However, I was expecting a sort of "different" site here, one that would pull back the curtain and let us hear a porn babe talk about herself. That's not here.

Amount of content: 30 scenes
Update frequency: Weekly
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: Unknown/HD
Video types: MPEG, WMV, flash
Photo resolution: 700x1051px
Available for mobile: Yes


I'm of two minds on SelfDesire. This site has some great features. The layout, quality, interface, and talent here is just really solid. The premise is interesting...but where's the beef? I was hoping to see hot young porn babes being interviewed and then playing and teasing. I got the playing and teasing...but not the personal stuff. The action is ok, I guess. This is part of the Team Skeet network, so membership gets you access to all of that. Me? I wouldn't pay just for this site...but the Team Skeet thing might motivate me.

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