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Review: March 19, 2019, by Marilyn
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Rip That Bitch

Rip That Bitch is a title that gets straight to the heart of the matter when it comes to what to expect from this site. Very rough sex, smacking, hair pulling, ass holes being stuffed to the max and a whole lot more await you here. If its sweet love making you're looking for, this ain't the site for it but if you want to see tight holes being mercilessly and relentlessly pummeled to a pulp, then you're in the right place. Too bad there are so few videos right now.


Overall rating6.5

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I'm not gonna lie - I was super excited to review RipThatBitch because a title like that is enough to whip anyone's hormones into a frenzy. I wasn't sure what to expect but I knew it would be good and it was. This isn't your regular vanilla porn where the guy is gentle with the girl. This is animalistic fucking where the guy pounds into a girl like she's just a piece of meat. Its very fascinating to watch, if I'm being honest.

The porn here borders on the edge of BDSM. It's mainstream fucking but with bits of BDSM thrown in like the way the guys dominate the girls. Its a video-only site with 119 videos in the archive right now. The site is set up like a tube so the homepage shows you what videos are being watched right that second and this is also where you can find a list of the most viewed videos as well as all the other videos.

The collection is very small right now so you don't really need browsing tools but they've given you some anyway. You can filter the videos by most recent, most viewed, most discussed, top rated or longest. The longest video is about 33 minutes and the shortest comes in at a little over 5 minutes. You can also sort the videos by category or simply use the search box to get to what you want faster.

The videos are tagged and thumbnail previews posted under each video come in handy when and if you need to skip to a particular part of the scene. The vids can be rated and comments are encouraged.

There's no denying that this site could be bigger but its all a matter of quality versus quantity and they deliver when it comes to the former. They also throw in bonus content from AbuseM which is similar to what's offered here.

Amount of content: 119 videos
Update frequency: unknown
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1920x1080 (Ultra HD)
Video types: flash
Photo resolution: n/a
Available for mobile: Yes


Rip-That-Bitch is full of women being railed and owned in ways that would make a feminist's eyes bleed. The porn here is nasty and unapologetically hardcore. The fucking is unforgiving, there is a lot of screaming and absolutely no hole is spared. That said, the collection is too small, its not exclusive, there's no update schedule in sight and there are no pictures. Is it worth your time? For about a month, yes.

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