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Review: December 8, 2011, by Steve
Real Sex GFs

Only real amateur chicks and girlfriends are allowed to appear on the pages of Real Sex GFs - and these horny cuties are all ready to make some of the most explicit and XXX rated photos and videos that they can muster. They are no porn actresses and they fuck for real, and just because they enjoy it. They may enjoy doing it, but we're going to enjoy watching them do it as well!


Overall rating7.8

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There are 399 videos and 553 photo galleries currently available here. The site would appear to be updating regularly but at this time it doesn't look as though there is any clear update information here. The navigation didn't throw up any big problems here that I noticed although on the whole there was a real lack of information about the galleries and videos. It was pretty easy to jump to other sites and their content but the design was pretty good on the site. The main addition I would like to see on the site, though, was regarding the amount of viewing options that were on offer here.

The videos, as they stand, can be downloaded and streamed but there are not all that many options open to you. You can only watch or download them at full length, with the latter versions available in .MP4 format (at 576x432px) and the streams in Flash format (640x480px). Still, at least the download speeds were very good and it was also good to see there were no DRM restrictions. Photo sizes varied quite significantly and there were no ZIP file downloads on offer. lives up to its name - at least when it comes to its videos, which are packed full of fantastic hardcore sex scenes at times. The galleries, however, are an altogether broader spectrum of content, it seems, focusing as much on solo masturbation and even the odd spot of lesbianism as they do on hardcore content. Oh well, the fact that the accompanying network is littered with sites that cover pretty much the same ground means that it doesn't really matter in the end.

Ultimately, all of the sites are pretty broad in that regard and all pretty similar. This one is filled with lots of very nice girls and lots of hot action as well, covering a lot of bases. From what I could tell, though, there did not seem to be much repeating across the sites - a common problem usually on sites and networks such as these. I think you GF fans are on for a major treat here.


Real Sex does a great job and is filled with pretty much as large a quality collection of amateur GF stuff as you could ask to see - or so you might think! After all, you do get a selection of bonus sites that cover much the same ground so as an all round package it really is absolutely spot on. Just don't expect to see a huge amount of variety.

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