Raw Handicap Sex Review

Review: February 25, 2010, by Steve
Raw Handicap Sex

Raw Handicap Sex is a site that believes that even the disabled should be able to become porn stars! And with taglines like "Out of the wheelchair and into the pussy!" and "I'm gonna fuck her with my stump!" you can see that these unfortunate men and women are going to really grab their opportunity! Advertised as the world's only disability porn site, they may not look perfect but they certainly know how to fuck.


Overall rating6.8

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This site may only currently feature 15 photo galleries and 15 videos at the moment, but we believe it's a new site and it is updating every week. The members' area is quite reasonably well designed but it is the organisation of its content that stood out further for me. The scenes and galleries came with loads of information such as the names of the performers, length of scene, file sizes and good descriptions of them too. Additionally, all content is dated and the only thing that you might like to see added is a preview of the next updates here. The bonus content is extremely well organised too as it could have been rather overwhelming!

There was a good spread of video options here that could only have been improved with the options of watching or downloading shorter clips. Instead, you will have to make do with the full-length versions only. There are medium and high quality .WMV files as well as H.264 and iPod/PSP videos here with a variety of resolutions inevitably covered. These video come with screenshot galleries, by the way. The photo galleries are available in .ZIP file downloads and most photos have a 533x800px resolution.

I have seen one other porn site dedicated to disabled performers so RawHandicapSex.com isn't quite unique on this front. But anyone suggesting that seeing an old war veteran with one leg being given a handjob in his wheelchair is something they see every day is a big liar! This is certainly a site that is for those who are looking for something that is way off the beaten track and indeed for those who are not easily shocked. I'm just wondering how these people got this job - not the type of thing you see advertised in a newspaper normally!

All the participants stand up to the action very well indeed and certainly don't seem to be restricted all that much by their disabilities. It certainly makes for some eye-catching action here because, like I say, it is certainly different but it's actually pretty good hardcore action too. Whether they can keep adding regular updates to a site that is so unusual remains to be seen though.


Raw Handicap Sex.com is a site that treads a fine line between political correctness and incorrectness, but as an offbeat hardcore porn site works much better than I expected. The key here was that the action didn't seem uncomfortable to anyone involved and everyone seems to get by just fine. I'm not quite sure who this site would specifically appeal to but I think it potentially has wider appeal than just as a curiosity.

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