Private Teen Video Review

Review: January 19, 2010, by Steve
Private Teen Video

Private Teen Video is an amateur hardcore site where the private sex video collections of girls who were only 18 or 19 when they recorded their movies are brought to the attention of the general public! The site buys these tapes off people who these girls have pissed at some point or other, ex-boyfriends and so on, and shows these girls up to be the sluts that they are! Whether they like it or not, these ladies are about to become porn stars!


Overall rating7.2

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PrivateTeenVideo has a really good navigation on both its tour and members' area. In fact, it was something of a surprise just how many episodes they preview in that tour area, but it is a shame that they didn't give you any real sample videos. However, you get a great introduction to the site and what it's about. The site currently has 113 episodes, all containing exclusively shot videos and photo galleries.

The site has mostly been adding new content on a weekly schedule but seems to have missed out the last 3 weeks for some reason (at time of writing), so hopefully this will be addressed soon. The layout was pretty good and the navigation was kept simple. You could leaf through all the episodes in date order or in order of their user ratings.

All videos on the site are available to stream in a medium quality in-browser player (requires Flash) and these were normally sized at around 480x360px. All of them can be downloaded too. You can choose to download small clips in a medium quality .WMV format, or you can opt for the full length downloads which offer you low, medium and high resolution options. Recent high-res videos can be played at 1280x720px. All photo galleries are accompanied by a .ZIP download option with most photos sized at 853x1280px.

As the makers of point out at the beginning of their site, 'it seems like every girl over the age of 18 has created a home-made porn tape with her boyfriend'. I completely agree! And if I were to naively believe that every porn site out there with an idea like this one really had such genuine amateur porn tapes behind it, I'd agree even more! Despite what it says, these videos are almost certainly not any type of real life bedroom recordings a la Paris Hilton, but does that matter one bit to the quality? Absolutely not.

The fact is that these are still amateur hardcore videos with hot 18 and 19 year olds, and that's really the least that you would be asking for on such a site. Some of the models, such as Nastya, make several appearances while almost all of the girls here seem to have been recruited from eastern Europe and Russia in particular. A couple of these were definitely a bit older than 19 though!


Once you see its tour, I wouldn't imagine that anyone would believe that Private Teen really had gotten its videos from jilted boyfriends anyway. After that you can appreciate a pretty damn good amateur hardcore site which only trips up in that one or two of its girls are patently well over being 'teens'. A large archive of episodes awaits and I would suggest that many of these models aren't going to be 'amateurs' for very much longer!

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