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Review: October 5, 2016
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Nasty Rookies

Everyone who has ever done a porn scene has had a "first time," and that initial foray is what Nasty is all about. This place purports to show people either auditioning for porn, or doing their first ever scene. There are pluses and minuses at this site, a member of the Pegas Productions studio website. I liked the quality that goes in to their videos, and the package is put together well. There are challenges, however.


Overall rating7

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Nasty Rookies shows (mostly) women auditioning for a chance to be a porn star. This site comes from Pegas Productions, a Montreal based adult studio that's been around for about 10 years. Those two aspects of this place means it has good and less than good things going for it.

The good- with 10 years under their belt, Pegas really seems to have their act down. The production values with their content are really on the high side. Lighting, editing, cameras, resolution (topping out at 720p in high def); all of it is high quality and it shows in the videos and photos. I also think it's stronger than most other studio based porn in that the sets looks realistic (probably because they are). Most of it is shot in settings that are real houses, offices, or what have you, as opposed to obvious sets in a studio. It gives the production an air of authenticity.

And that authenticity matters in the "porn casting" genre. These are almost always set-ups as opposed to the genuine thing. That's almost certainly the case with this site, but the real-world feel of the production allows for a level of suspension of disbelief.

Pegas is in Montreal, which means that this is all in French. That isn't necessarily bad, but in most of the videos, I couldn't tell what was being said. A few had subtitles (mostly newer stuff), but I was lost much of the time. That means the premise is a mixed bag. Is it real? Is it not? Whatever the case may be, the action is pretty standard grade porn sex.

The user interface is a mixed bag. It's not hard to figure out, but the sorting system and tools only work for the entire network. That means that when you're in the site itself, you're pretty much browsing all the content. Not a big deal (with only 28 scenes), but noteworthy.

Amount of content: 28 scenes
Update frequency: 4 times a week across network
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 720p HD
Video types: Flash, mp4
Photo resolution: 935x526 pixels
Available for mobile: Yes


Everyone's gotta start somewhere, and the French-Canadian babes at Nasty Rookies get their first taste of on-screen dick at this hardcore studio site. The production values are solid, the site's fairly easy to use, and the action's decent. You may not be able to understand much unless you speak French, but that's not a huge deal. With only 28 videos to date, I want to see more, and more with subtitles. For now, this place gets an "OK."

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