Muscle Girl Flix Review

Review: October 26, 2016
Muscle Girl Flix

The girls at Muscle Girl have worked hard to sculpt their bodies to the pinnacle of fitness form. Fortunately for you fans of muscled mamas, they also work hard to show those bodies off. Members here are treated to these lean and brawny babes posing, stripping, and getting up to all kinds of naughty shenanigans. Many of the more well-known fitness babes are showcased here, and there's lots of exclusive muscle girl content as well.


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The premise at Muscle Girl Flix is pretty simple, but somehow also manages to be pretty varied as well. At its most basic, this site features videos of girls who are really fit and musclebound. For fitness fetishists, that's probably enough as it is, but there's so much more.

The main thing to like though? Those models. There are currently 49 of them in their current lineup, and all are gorgeous. More importantly, they are pumped! These girls are seriously fit, and most are downright brawny. We're talking arms like pythons, cut abs, and strong pecs. It's obvious that the girls that they use are really in to weightlifting and exercise, and it shows. Not only that, they're mostly pretty too, so you get a good mix brawn and beauty with this harem.

Some of the girls here are also well known to fans of this fetish. We're talking Samantha Kelly, Melissa Detweiler, and Jill Jaxen (among others).

The action in which they are shot is mostly what you'd expect; lots of posing, stripping, working out, and showing off those muscles for the camera. That said, there's more than just that. Videos may be sorted in to categories, and those include XXX, Blow Jobs, Domination, and Wrestling. Some of the categories aren't exactly loaded with tons of videos, but the variety is surprisingly high.

It's also nicely made. I wouldn't say production values on everything are top notch, but it's good for what it does. Resolution maxes out at a decent 720p, although that can vary by video. One note- there are no photos on this site; it is 100% video. They may be streamed or downloaded (mp4).

The site is decently organized and it's not tough to get around. There's a simple system of menus for navigating. There's also a model index, always a helpful feature. As earlier, some categories don't have much (or any) content; that can be frustrating.

Amount of content: 167 videos
Update frequency: 3 times a week
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1280x720 pixels
Video types: mp4
Photo resolution: No pics
Available for mobile: Yes


The sinewy sweeties at will give your mouse a workout as you make your way through this virtual harem of herculean hotties. The premise will really appeal to fetishists of this kink, and they will also appreciate the variety of content. The quality of the fitness and muscle models helps in this regard. It's all easy to use and technical quality gets the job done. I wish there photos for you collectors. Bottom line- this is solid muscle fetish content at a fantastic price.

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