Milk Enema Review

Review: August 16, 2011, by daniels
Milk Enema

Milk Enema is a site that allows to watch hot girls give each other milk enemas inside their members area. These girls love getting the milk read and dropping it inside their partner's asshole. Watch them get filled up full before it's time to expel the milky solution all over the place. Nothing is hotter than seeing a girl shoot milk out of herself. I bet you could imagine how sweet it would taste.


Overall rating7.8

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Once you've found your way inside the member's area of MilkEnema, be pleased to find that the website is laid out quite well. The design is easy on the eyes and you're going to see that the navigational structure of the site is plenty easy to handle too. No more getting lost or confused, Milk Enema seems to be well managed.

I like when videos are straight up and to the point when it comes to viewing them and enjoying them. Videos can be downloaded and saved in MP4 and WMV formats in both high definition (1280x720) and standard definition quality (720x400). Download speed is fast, at least with my 50mbps cable modem. With that being said, I'm sure downloads are going to be fast on your end, as long as you have a cable or dsl modem at the very least. Otherwise, you might run into some lagging.

If downloading isn't your thing or you'd rather conserve your disk space, stream these suckers through the default flash player for instant viewing of the video.Flash streaming is quick and easy and doesn't skip if you're running a high speed line. This alone is a big time saver that most porn users will definitely appreciate when they get their membership pass to this site.

If you're someone that loves a good picture set, you're going to find that the included picture sets have images that are of a resolution of 581x782. While these pictures aren't exactly shot in high resolution, you'll find that these are very nice on the eyes at the very least.

Updates are definitely hard to determine because looking inside the member's area of, you're going to see that the video dates are off and don't make a whole lot of sense. Each video has the same date which either means the site was updated just once or there is a problem in the member's area that needs to be taken care of.

Currently, you'll find no bonus sites with this membership pass. We're not exactly sure if MilkEnema is going to be a part of their fame digital network or not.


If you're interested in seeing more from, I urge you to grab your own membership today. This site is newer, so video count will take a little while to get in the higher numbers. You're going to enjoy what is offered here though in terms of downloads and streaming features. With videos in HD, you're off to a great start with this enema site. Join now and enjoy yourself!

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