Melanie Mueller Review

Review: May 28, 2014
Melanie Mueller

Melanie Mueller is one hot blonde babe, straight from Germany and she's straight up cock hungry! This cock-sucking fraulein is down to fuck and she puts out some serious energy in the scenes on her site, This newish member of the Stiffia network features this sexy MILF in a somewhat limited number of hardcore scenes. The site shows some promise, but could stand to add some more content if they want to fulfill its potential.


Overall rating5.5

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Dschungel Melanie is what she calls herself, and that translates to Jungle Melanie in English. There's nothing on the site that indicates what the "dschungel" is all about, but this erotic babe gets all tangled up in a sexual jungle at

When I first started this review, I wasn't sure what to expect from this site. Melanie definitely has an unusual look; she reminds me a little of a poor man's version of Brigitte Nielsen. I wouldn't say she's super hot, but there's something strangely appealing about her. On the other hand, she has an odd boob job and her look won't appeal to everyone.

Then I got on the site and lo and behold, Melanie does a hot job in her scenes. I couldn't understand a word that was said (it's all in German), but she takes cock like a champ.

And just when I got in to it, I realized that there just isn't much here at all. In fact, there are currently only 9 videos, and no updates for the past 3-4 months. It looks like a bunch of videos were uploaded in January, and nothing since then. I like Melanie and her big tits, insatiable sexual appetite, and the variety she brings (in only 9 scenes). However, 9 scenes is just that; 9 scenes. That's paltry. Members do get access to the Stiffia network, and that's a serious bonus, but I have to say that launching a site with fewer than 10 scenes is not a good thing.

The other aspects of the site are fine. Layout and navigation are easy (they should be, with only 9 scenes). All the content that I checked out loaded and played quickly and without hitches. It's all video, so no photos are available for you pic hounds. Resolution on videos maxes out at 720p, but it's high def and I was satisfied with it.

Amount of content: 9 videos
Update frequency: Doesn't appear to be frequently updated
Exclusive content: It appears to be exclusive
Max video resolution: 720p
Video types: mp4
Photo resolution: n/a
Available for mobile: No


Welcome to the Jungle! Jungle Melanie will drag you in to her lair, and she has a certain sexual appeal that will be hard to resist for some. On the other hand, some people may find it hard to love her. The sexual energy she brings is undeniable, but with less than 10 videos on the site, it's hard to get in to her act too much. It's easy to get around and the basics are fine, but if you want a lot of content, look elsewhere. The main reason to join here is Stiffia access.

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