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Review: January 22, 2009, by Gabrio
Masturbation Page doesn't seem to be a classic adult site, in fact on the main page I can read that the site is a Premier Online Masturbation Community where you are going to find masturbation stories, videos, pictures, personals and looks like they have a "story of the day" and you can learn many new things about masturbating by reading the posts they have here.. it seems to be something useful for all of you that love to play with yourself, and who doesn't like it?


Overall rating7.5

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If you are thinking you know everything about masturbation then I have to tell you that you always have something to learn and on this site you have lots of useful info. Anyway when you login to the members area you find a pretty simple main page with a clean layout, I liked the top we have: home, masturbation stories, pictures and videos, story archives, bonus content, chat, sex toys and forum. Then you have masturbation pictures and videos and they are sorted for men and women so I guess that they want to target both guys and girls with this website

Then you have a section where they tell you which are the news and then you have the bonuses that you find on the site and make sure to check out the forum if you really want to interact with the other members of the site. I clicked the link for member submitted photos and videos and you will find 3 sections, one for guys, one for girls and one for girls and guys together they are sorted per year and inside the pages you have lots of details, you can see the emails of the people that submitted their material along with a small comment for each set they submitted and I was impressed with what people submitted, really.

In this area I was checking out where you have the recent material submitted, you can also check the last uploads, last comments, check which sets are the most viewed, check the top rated sets, then you have also a section with my favorites and a search function too. Back to the home page, I thought it was a good idea to check out the stories they have here in order to see what they speak about and they are real people's experiences about their sexual experiences, for example I read this story about this young girl getting her first orgasm from her brother, then you have several other stories available.

This website is divided into sections so for example when you are checking out the stories, you have the section with female stories, then male, male/female and male/male and that is pretty much what happens with every section they have on the website.


Masturbation Page is not your usual paysite but I think that we need something different every once in a while, or better yet, it's so full of hardcore websites out there, and is cool to look around. Anyway this website deals with masturbation in general, doesn't matter whether it's male's or female's because they discuss it from every aspect. Inside the members area you have user submitted photos, stories, bonus masturbation websites, a member forum and everything is related to having fun with the hands!

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