Latex Heaven Video Review

Review: February 9, 2012, by Bigbrownbeaver
Latex Heaven Video

This site has plenty of latex wearing models who happily show their stuff as they are parading around in the videos. Lots of shiny, slick and sexy latex wear for the viewer to see. This part of the site is all videos, there are no pictures which will be explained in the next section. The models are all hot, no doubt about that but the site is pretty simplistic for the content it contains. is ok, just buyer beware.


Overall rating6

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Once in the member area of latexheaven, you have access to the videos the site has. They are all streaming or downloadable with no DRM. The models seem to be enjoying showing off their latex wear as they stroke their outfits and slowly peel them away for a shot of their nice bodies. Some have tattoos that are interesting as are their approaches to showing off their outfits as you get up close shots of round shiny asses while they are moving around for the best angles to show off to the member.

The quality is good, but reminds me of the 80's style of shooting and quality. The models are all nice looking gals, plenty of nice round asses and well shaped legs in their spike heel boots and shoes. It is obvious they enjoy their work!

Video Resolution Highest 1440x1080, Video Bitrate 6000 kbit/s, Updates 10+ times a month.

There is a good assortment of videos and models, along with their various shiny latex outfits for perusing, and the videos are interesting and entertaining as well as being good for someone wanting to collect them for their own personal libraries.

There are quite a few links on the links page that go to other sites to pay for, and the videos all require you use your user name and password to see them. They stream well, no buffering here at least.
When you are looking down the pages, some of them are half an advertisement for the photo part of the site which is more money to get. To me, it isn't really a bargain but to each his or her own.

Updates are frequent, but this could be for both parts of the site and if you do not have both you may not see many of the updates the site gets. Latex Heaven may be a fair size site with the videos, but with the photos missing and only available for another price on top of the original subscription, I definitely would think twice about joining.


In conclusion; This site, is a single subject site, plenty of latex clad ladies showing off their fun assets in their shiny, tight outfits. They model them for you in the videos and seem to enjoy their jobs doing it. The videos are down loadable or streaming and quality is good but has an 80's taste to it when you view them. You also have to pay separately to get the photo part of the site, to me a site with no photos just isn't complete.

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