Justine and Diana Review

Review: October 31, 2012, by Steve
Justine and Diana

Justine And Diana is a website that is dedicated to the gorgeous new 18+ teen adult models of the same name. Exclusive galleries can be seen of these two babes who have only just started modelling and this, their official site, has only just launched in the last few weeks. This is the first time they have shown their bodies on the internet as well, so you won't see them anywhere else!


Overall rating6.8

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This is quite a well presented site at times although the design of it made it look a little bit squashed at times. Should display fine on an iPhone, though, I guess! The free tour was informative and the update information was good as well, but I think for all the claims that the site makes about its models being easy to contact, they really have nothing more than an email / web message system way of contacting them.

But pretty much every site has these! It's not a huge boast - how about some social network links as well? Also, why have separate indexes for the content of both girls and then, well, have both indexes have the same content? Some tidying up needed here and some additional features, too, although this is a new site so one or two issues can be forgiven.

There are no videos available on the site at this moment in time, from what I could see, but I think it would be nice to know if the site has anything planned on this front. The photo galleries, however, are available for ZIP download and all photos can be viewed at two different sizes, so you do have some choice on this front. All of the bonus content is from third party sources, by the way.

JustineAndDiana.com is a curious little site. Whenever I have seen sites like these in the past that partner two girls or performers, there tends to be plenty of interaction between the two and some personal connection. But I don't think there is any here - in fact, they do not appear in the same gallery on a single occasion. Well, why not just put them on separate sites? Having said all this, they are both VERY attractive and very cute and their galleries and content are very nice indeed. People are going to want some videos, though!

Amount of content: 40 photo galleries
Update frequency: 1 gallery per week
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: No videos
Video types: Not available
Photo resolution: 840x1260px
Avaliable for mobile: No


Justine And Diana.com is the first joint 'solo' modelling site that I have seen where the two performers seem to be completely separate of each other. If you like both girls (you almost certainly will) then it will not matter all that much. I was expecting something different than what we have here so far but it IS early days for this site and as I say, both girls are very cute and certainly worth seeing.

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