Jana Rocks Review

Review: May 3, 2013
Jana Rocks

JanaRocks.com is a paysite that stars a very pretty young girl named Jana aka Jana Jordan. Jana is 18 and totally looks the part. She's a cute blonde with perfect little boobs who happens to look a bit like pornstar Lexi Love. If you are looking for a solid good tease, then Jana is your girl. She will tease you until you can't take it anymore, you just wish she'd show something..or anything!


Overall rating6.5

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Jana Rocks.com is all about the tease. From the first pages of the tour, to the very core, you will be tearing your hair out trying to catch a bit of this girl's pussy. When you realize that you aren't going to be seeing her kittie, you'll be begging for a flash of tits.

Are you going to succeed at operation titty? Nope. But, then again, some of us don't want to see it. Some of us want a good tease. Don't get me wrong, you see plenty of skin, and if you got a bikini fetish like I do, the content is still pretty hot.

Moving on, I really have to admit that Jana is super hot. In fact, she's got perfect breasts too. Nice and young and small. Well, at least the parts that you get to see. She also looks like Lexi Love which is a super hot pornstar and one of my favourite girls too. That totally helps the mood.

As for the content numbers, she doesn't have a lot of content overall. I counted 61 photosets with about 90 images per set, give to take. Images are pretty nice actually and are the main and best part of the site. 799x1200 is your resolution which is big and they are very amateur in look which is a good thing. Its very girl-next-door. You will see mostly solo action with teasing and some very light girl/girl pairings.

There's videos too which helps you feel out who Jana is. She's kind of dorky-slash-cute in the videos and I like that. Again, not much going on besides some solo posing and hanging out. Videos can be streamed in 640x480 resolutions but the video is pretty grainy. There are downloads too but all the files were zip and corrupted. I have no idea why but that's not good. There are 9 videos.

As for extras, you're gonna need em. There is 11 bonus sites featuring other solo girls which will help with content.

Amount of content: 9 videos 61 photosets
Update frequency: Not updating
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 640x480
Video types: flash and unknown downloadable format
Photo resolution: 799x1200
Available for mobile: No


Oh Jana, you are so damn hot and yet you show us nothing! That's the battle cry of Jana Rocks. Only those of you looking for a tease will really appreciate this site. The content is all softcore and pretty much rated G to PG at most. A big demerit to the site is the corrupted movie downloads. I couldn't get them to open so lucky they can be streamed in flash. Content quality is a little low in general, but fans of Jana should find something to fap to. Join for the bonus network if anything.

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